The Heroism of ‘Wee Paddy’: New Documentary on Shanghai Battle

British soldier Patrick McGowan was just 25 when he was killed by Japanese bullets during the battle of Shanghai in the fall of 1937. McGowan, of the Royal Ulster Rifles, … Continue Reading →

The Missing Airmen

Daniel Jackson, author of Famine, Sword, and Fire: The Liberation of Southwest China in World War II, recently visited China in search of the remains of US air crews missing … Continue Reading →

China’s 14-Year-Long World War II

A full six years have been officially added to the length of World War Two in China. In an announcement earlier this week, the Ministry of Education in Beijing declared … Continue Reading →

Mon Dieu! The Fate of a French Port in China

The Allied victory in the war in Asia in 1945 meant the end of not just Japanese imperialism in the region, but also, paradoxically, European imperialism. An example of this is the fate … Continue Reading →

Chinese Reeneactors on Film!

In the world of reenactment, China enthusiasts are a small, but dedicated and growing group. These videos, kindly provided by Ryan Daniels, are from a recent event in Massachusetts and … Continue Reading →

A Date to Remember – Or Forget

September 18 is a date many Chinese want to remember, and some Japanese want to forget. On that date, in 1931, Japanese officers blew up a piece of railroad at … Continue Reading →

Reenactors in Taiwan

Reenactment seems to be growing worldwide. Along with war gaming it is one of the ways that history enthusiasts can get a physical feel for the periods that they study in … Continue Reading →

What War Does to Human Hearts: Interview with Geling Yan

 The Second Sino-Japanese War formed the backdrop for Chinese-born author Geling Yan’s novella 13 Flowers of War, which was adapted for the big screen as The Flowers of War. Now … Continue Reading →

Macao and the British reoccupation of Hong Kong

This article is part of a large online project — End of Empire — launched by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS). The idea is simple: To describe day … Continue Reading →

The Fate of Japanese Settlers in Manchuria

Large numbers of Japanese fell into Soviet hands at the end of World War Two. This happened to both soldiers (see photo above) and civilians. This article is part of a large online … Continue Reading →