A Photographer in Shanghai: The Japanese

The war between China and Japan that broke out in 1937 was a modern media war involving the international press as an actor in the game for public opinion. This … Continue Reading →


Asians in WWII Poster Art

Since the US engagement in World War II was to a significant extent directed towards Asia, it is no surprise that a large part of American poster art of the … Continue Reading →

Two Red Swastika Society nurses, Shanghai

A Photographer in Shanghai: Red Swastika

During the three-month battle of Shanghai in 1937, volunteers of the Red Swastika Society were a ubiquitous sight, present wherever their help was needed. At hospitals, nurses and doctors of … Continue Reading →


A Photographer in Shanghai: Soldiers (Part 2)

One of the most prolific foreign photographers during the three-month battle for Shanghai in 1937 was American-born Malcolm Rosholt. Since he was a westerner, it was possible for him to cover both … Continue Reading →

Nationalist soldier, with hand grenade

A Photographer in Shanghai: Soldiers

The battle of Shanghai in 1937 was unique in many ways. For example, it was recorded more exhaustively in the western media than any other battle in China’s long war … Continue Reading →


Chinese Reeneactors on Film!

In the world of reenactment, China enthusiasts are a small, but dedicated and growing group. These videos, kindly provided by Ryan Daniels, are from a recent event in Massachusetts and … Continue Reading →


Reenactors in Taiwan

Reenactment seems to be growing worldwide. Along with war gaming it is one of the ways that history enthusiasts can get a physical feel for the periods that they study in … Continue Reading →


Shanghai: Wicked Old ‘Paris of the Orient’

“Keenly observant”, “riveting”, ” marvellous, microscopically descriptive” — the reviewers have rained down the superlatives on Canadian non-fiction writer Taras Grescoe’s new book Shanghai Grand: Forbidden Love and International Intrigue in a Doomed … Continue Reading →


Chinese or Japanese? Telling Friend From Foe

In early 1945, it was obvious that the Japanese had lost the war, but it was still unclear how much longer they would hold out or where the final stages … Continue Reading →


Strangers at the Gate

Scenes of despair unfolded as the Japanese army moved in on Shanghai in late 1937, spreading terror among the city’s three million civilians. Tens of thousands were thronging at the … Continue Reading →