A Nanjing Martyr

Marking the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Nanjing and the Nanjing Massacre this December, the new English translation of “Yang Dapeng: Remembrance of a Martyr in Nanjing 1937” is … Continue Reading →

The Mystery Man

Shanghai in the 1930s and 1940s was a highly cosmopolitan place, and as war forced borders to seal up and travel to become dangerous or impossible, the city was the … Continue Reading →

The Heroism of ‘Wee Paddy’: New Documentary on Shanghai Battle

British soldier Patrick McGowan was just 25 when he was killed by Japanese bullets during the battle of Shanghai in the fall of 1937. McGowan, of the Royal Ulster Rifles, … Continue Reading →

The Missing Airmen

Daniel Jackson, author of Famine, Sword, and Fire: The Liberation of Southwest China in World War II, recently visited China in search of the remains of US air crews missing … Continue Reading →

A Photographer in Shanghai: The Americans

The war between China and Japan that broke out in 1937 was a modern media war involving the international press as an actor in the game for public opinion. This … Continue Reading →

Nanjing 1937: A Japanese Pilot Remembers

Kaname Harada, a Japanese fighter ace during the war in China and the Pacific, took part in the conquest of China’s capital Nanjing in late 1937, and shortly afterwards bore … Continue Reading →

A Chinese Agent in Burma

The article, featuring the extraordinary story of Chinese agent Li Jui, was written by Richard Duckett, a history and international relations scholar at Reading College. It was first published on … Continue Reading →

Marco Polo Bridge and the Coming of War

In the afternoon of July 7, 1937, soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment of the Japanese Army stationed at the city of Fengtai near the old capital of Beijing, … Continue Reading →

Asia’s Last Day of Peace

Eighty years ago, Tuesday, July 6, 1937, was the last day of peace in Asia. The following day, Chinese and Japanese forces would clash at Marco Polo Bridge near the … Continue Reading →

Battle for a Doomed City: Gaming Nanjing 1937 (Part 3)

This article, the last in a series of three, is an after-action report on a wargame based on the battle of Nanjing in 1937. The report is written by G. Jökull Gíslason, an Iceland-based wargamer … Continue Reading →