A Photographer in Shanghai: Soldiers (Part 2)

One of the most prolific foreign photographers during the three-month battle for Shanghai in 1937 was American-born Malcolm Rosholt. Since he was a westerner, it was possible for him to cover both the Chinese and the Japanese side of the intense battle, and the result was some of the most dramatic images to emerge from the epic struggle.

This article reproduces a small selection of his huge output of photos. They are brought with the kind permission of Historical Photographs of China, a project based at the University of Bristol. All photos are courtesy of Historical Photographs of China, Mei-fei Elrick and Tess Johnson. Clicking on the captions will take you to the photos on the website of Historical Photographs of China.









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  • Vien Ngoc Quang says:

    Thank you Chinaww2 for bringing me such extraordinary photos of the 2nd Sino Japanese war. I have been searching around for information about the Chinese army uniform in the battle of Shanghai. Is it true that all the soldiers here were wearing greenish-yellow (mustard like color) uniform ?

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